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Family Law, Counseling, and Co-Parenting in Round Rock, Texas

Welcome to the home of Jessica Sackett, based out of Round Rock, Texas. Using her life experiences, Jessica has created a brand that emphasizes putting the family first and maintains a healthy family environment. Jessica is a strategic thinker, and she has extensive experience managing litigation and assessing and avoiding risk. Her passion is to help parents learn how to co-parent, raise and nurture their children, and grow as a family unit. From her start as a family law attorney through her journey with family conflict resolution and co-parenting techniques, Jessica Sackett has created a loyal following of clients and families that trust in her approach and dedication.

The Services of Jessica Sackett include:

If your family dynamic needs some guided nurturing or your co-parent could use some guidance towards bettering their relationship with their child, Jessica Sackett is here to help. Contact us directly at 512-810-8848 or and we will respond quickly to your needs.